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Katie Marger, Suzanne Smith, Julie Yaeger, Blanche Keir, Kathy Levitt, Colleen Gerg, Ginny Vining and Monica Crawford
Andrea Diamond

Andrea Diamond


Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition
M.S., R.D.
Registered Dietitian
/Medical Nutrition Therapist
20 years experience in private practice, university and corporate wellness programs

I know what it means to change a habit. it is one of the hardest things to do in the whole world! I suffered from asthma, headaches, exhaustion, being overweight and was the kid who got a stomach ache when it was time for gym class! In college, huffing and puffing on a bicycle because I was so out of shape, I said “that’s it! I feel awful and I want to live the rest of my days with energy! I want to live a vital, purposeful life!” And I knew only I could make those changes. I had hit rock bottom.

I sought the support and knowledge to do so, and surrounded myself with as many positive people who were also living deliberately. That meant they were also positive thinkers who helped me emphasize the good and the positive in life, with gratefulness leading the way, every day. My life became more exciting, I shed the weight, became physically fit, beat asthma, and had more energy than I had ever experienced. Filling my head with positivity, staying active, and eating well changed my life forever. I value and embrace every day, yet always work to strike that perfect balance between physical, spiritual and mental health, just like you. I invite you to revel in the support we can provide for you to help you achieve your vital best!

Specialties include:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Renal (kidney) disease

Appointments include:

  • Primary referral source for the physicians at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania’s Medical Complex near Philadelphia, PA.
  • Speaker for corporations, such as the Sun Company, IRS, American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association
  • Advanced clinical expertise in adult, child, and adolescent obesity

Colleen Gerg

Colleen practices in our Delancey Internal Medicine office

Colleen Gerg is a Registered Dietitian whose wholistic approach to counseling is based on her belief that one’s body, mind and spirit critically impacts overall health. A nutrition consultant since 1995, Colleen has assisted countless patients in achieving weight loss or gain, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, improving GI function, managing blood sugar and optimal kidney function, creating positive relationships with food and eating, enhancing athletic performance and other many other nutrition-related conditions and goals.
A personal fitness trainer for 17 years and yoga instructor for 4, she believes that nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and stress reduction are all equally important to optimum health, happiness and longevity. She believes that there is no one diet or solution for everyone and that each individual’s plan and strategy is as unique as the person themselves. Her goal is to help her clients find which path will work the best for them.

In addition to individual counseling, Colleen provides corporate wellness presentations on various topics including interactive Healthy Cooking Demos; presentations on Eating for Optimum Energy, Healthy Eating on a Budget, Weight Loss Tips and Myths, Getting a Good Night’s Sleep and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction.

Colleen completed her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University, her Masters degree at Immaculata University and dietetic internship at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Upon relocating to Washington, DC, she served as the media spokesperson for the DC dietetic association and regularly appeared in print, television and radio including the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt and on Emeril Green with Chef Emeril Lagasse. She is regularly quoted in Allure, Today’s Dietitian and Men’s Health Magazines.

Colleen organizes and conducts “Destination Wellness” group travel that involves immersion into new experiences and health-promoting habits that can transform and promote long-lasting positive health effects at home – in everyday life. She recently relocated back to the Philadelphia area, enjoys entertaining and cooking for family and friends, hiking and playing tennis and firmly believes that no matter where you are: There’s No Place Like Health.

Blanche Keir

Blanche practices in our Woodbury Heights and Cherry Hill offices

Blanche has a Bachelor of Science in Health and Nutrition Sciences from the University of Medicine and Dentistry/Rutgers University, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Rutgers University and a Bachelor of Culinary Arts from the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. She is a registered and licensed dietitian in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Her background is extremely varied with over 15 years experience in different areas of the health services industry including clinical health, individual and group nutritional counseling, nutritional education, cooking classes, healthy meal preparation. Her areas of expertise include culinary chef, clinical health, individual and group nutrition counseling, wellness counseling, nutrition education, and nutritional and culinary education. Blanche has also completed advanced Adult and Pediatric Weight management Certificate courses.

Blanche’s philosophy is simple. She believes that empowering people to make change is the key to sustainability. What we eat affects every bodily function. Health and wellness promotion is the process of improving people’s knowledge, attitude and behavior regarding diet and lifestyle choices. “The food and lifestyle choices made today affect our present state of health and future longevity.” Blanche’s unique qualifications of both nutritional expert and culinary chef will enable her patients to translate the complex science of nutrition into practical, healthy eating strategies for life.

Kathy Levitt

Kathy practices in our Mayfair and Bucks County offices

Kathy is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist in Pennsylvania with over 17 years’ experience providing nutrition counseling services in a variety of settings. Kathy graduated from Penn State University, where she earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Nutrition. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association, as well as the Pennsylvania Dietetic Association.

Kathy started her career working for the Women’s Infants and Children(WIC) program in Philadelphia. While working at WIC, she taught pregnant and nursing women as well as children how to make healthy food choices nourish their bodies for optimum health.

Kathy’s next adventure in her career led her to working with special needs children and adults at Woods Services, where she gained experience with people with both physical and mental developmental disabilities, as well as other handicaps. Kathy taught a diet class for clients with Prader Willi Syndrome and supervised the food service department.

Kathy’s Clinical career started at Aria-Jefferson health hospital where she provided inpatient nutrition counseling for many medical conditions. She later advanced to fulfill her passion of nutrition counseling in the hospitals’ Wellness Center by providing counseling for adults and children with diabetes, gestational diabetes, obesity, heart disease, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney disease, eating disorders, bariatric surgery and many more diagnoses. Kathy also facilitated group counseling for patients with diabetes, weight management, pre/post bariatric surgery and PCOS concerns.

Kathy believes that nutrition plays a key role in the prevention and treatment of disease. She enjoys translating complex nutrition research into simple and realistic recommendations for her patients and seeing them accomplish short and long-term goals.

A busy mom of 3, Kathy understands what it is like to juggle a busy schedule and understands the value of time management. Her goal is to make your transition to a healthier you as simple as possible. Kathy will work with you to set SMART goals and be your support for behavior change.

Kathy has always had a passion for nutrition and health as she has been an avid runner most her life and marvels at how nutrition can affect health and wellbeing. Kathy enjoys sharing this wonder with others to help them achieve their goals of better health and wellness. Kathy’s goal is to be your guide and provide you with the tools needed for long term success. However, she cannot do it without you!


Katie Marger

Katie practices in our Chestnut Hill and Valley Forge offices

Katie has Masters degree in Nutrition Science from St. Joseph’s University and over fifteen years of experience in educating, counseling and motivating individuals to make healthy lifestyle changes. Katie’s clinical experience is from the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Katie followed her passion to bring counseling, teaching and education into wellness programs in a variety of community, business and corporate settings.

Katie teaches weight loss classes, children’s intervention programs, and private nutrition counseling. She works with Diamond Nutrition Counseling, providing medical nutrition therapy and counseling to patients in a private office setting. Additionally, she works for the Montgomery County of Aging, educating seniors and conducting cooking demonstrations at ten locations. Last, she is a consultant for Aetna health care where she teaches their Healthy Weight for Life program.

Katie helps her patients live healthier lifestyles through nutrition, exercise and behavior modification. She believes that by aspiring to healthier choices and behaviors, the great results can last a lifetime!

Suzanne Smith

Suzanne practices in our Ardmore, Limerick and Media offices

Suzanne has her Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from Syracuse University and completed her dietetic training at Strong Memorial Hospital at the University of Rochester. Suzanne has over 15 years’ experience working in clinical settings in nursing homes and rehabilitation units and ran a successful weight loss clinic for employees through healthy eating and regular exercise, helping to reduce employer health care costs. Suzanne’s long term care experience early in her career shaped her views of what a lifetime of bad habits can do to degrade health. Suzanne also holds a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from the Center for Nutrition Studies in Ithaca New York and can assist those interested in transitioning to a whole food, plant based diet.

Suzanne is very excited to join the team at Diamond Nutrition as she brings her specialty of Pediatrics and can help families with picky eaters; teenage athletes; those with food allergies orintolerances along with weight or cholesterol problems to navigate school lunches and busy mealtimes. She also works with adults looking to improve their health by assisting with weight loss, improving blood lipid levels, reducing hypertension and managing diabetes by inspiring her clients to set realistic and attainable goals. She also specializes in assisting new mothers by supporting the nursing process in the early days.

Suzanne is a busy Mom of three and enjoys Yoga and running in her spare time.

Julie Yaeger

Julie practices in our Exton and Kennett Square offices

Julie Yaeger has been a Registered Dietitian and Medical Nutrition Therapist since 2011. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences from Penn State University and completed her dietetic internship at The University at Buffalo. She has also completed post-graduate work towards completing her master’s degree in nutrition. She is a member of the national Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Pennsylvania Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Julie’s diverse experience includes pediatric and adult weight management, wellness, heart disease, healthy cooking and meal planning.

Julie has a strong passion to help all ages live healthier by eating well. Julie specializes in helping clients who struggle with weight loss. Julie provides tailored nutrition education and counseling to individuals, helping people work through any barriers they may face to a healthy life. Julie takes a holistic approach to wellness, and practices evidence-based nutrition, tailoring nutrition recommendations to each individual. She is passionate about helping her clients take baby steps to change their lifestyle towards improved health and well-being.

In her spare time, Julie enjoys spending time with her husband and two black labs, being active outside, trying new recipes and cooking.

Ginny Vining

Ginny practices in our West Grove office

Ginny received her undergraduate degree from West Virginia University. She completed her Masters degree in human nutrition at the University of Delaware and published her thesis entitled Dieting Habits of Men in the Journal of Community Health. While completing her master’s degree she taught a course titled Healthy Weight for Life to undergraduate students. Ginny has over 30 years of experience working in diverse clinical and community settings.

She has in-depth clinical experience in cardiology, oncology and diabetes. Ginny established the outpatient oncology program at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Hospital in Richmond Virginia where she counseled survivors during and after their treatment. Her work with her clients was highlighted in the Association of Community Cancer Centers Nutrition Service Guide with her article titled “Coordinating Cancer Nutrition Services Across Care Settings.”

Ginny’s central focus for her clients is to encourage simple changes that will have a positive impact on their health. Ginny’s graduate research reinforced the importance of group dynamics and their influence on healthy behaviors and she believes that individuals working together with a common goal can empower each other toward healthier choices with the ultimate reward of feeling better and improved health.


Monica Crawford

Monica practices in our West Chester Andrew Drive, West Chester Westtown, Bala Cynwyd and Phoenixville

Monica Crawford is a Registered Dietitian with over 20 years of experience working with a wide variety of patients in various settings. Most recently, she has been working at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital as an outpatient dietitian in oncology and endocrinology. She enjoys teaching nutrition classes, as well as working individually with patients, exploring the behavioral side of making positive lifestyle changes to improve overall health and quality of life. Her philosophy is that nutrition does not need to be extreme or radical in order to have an impact on someone’s life. All foods can fit, and even small changes can make a big difference. She has worked extensively doing a medically supervised weight management program at Jefferson Hospital, and strongly believes in a non-diet approach to weight management. She has found that building trusting relationships with clients is key to helping them achieve their goals.

Monica completed her undergraduate degree in Business/Marketing at Lehigh University, and then went on to get her Masters degree in Nutrition Education from Immaculata University.

In her free time, Monica enjoys spending in the Poconos. A lifelong skier, she also enjoys hiking and kayaking with her family. She is married, has two grown children, and a dog.