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Lose Weight Now and Forever! Full-Course Package of 8 videos $119


Learn how to lose weight with this brilliantly simple concept that you can use in any setting. We share techniques known to get results effectively and consistently with lifestyle changes at your own pace.

What you will get!
  1. Weight Loss Within a New Paradigm: Abundance vs. Deprivation
  2. Build New Skills
  3. Emotional Eating
  4. Stress Eating
  5. Family and Friends
  6. How Your Diet Impacts Your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Diabetes
  7. Holiday Eating
  8. Staying on Track


Diabetes: Manage it Well to Save your Life


An in-depth look at what you can do to lower blood sugar levels, reduce or eliminate insulin resistance and pre-diabetes. 

Sleep Apnea: Foods that can Dramatically Improve your Breathing and Sleep $24.99


      • Foods you must never have at night
      • Foods which will improve the quality of your sleep
      • There are sure to be surprises!

How Your Diet Impacts your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Diabetes $24.99


Learn which foods have the greatest impact on your cholesterol and blood pressure and important changes you can make to reduce it! Far more than you ever knew!

Get the straight story on how to lower your blood sugar levels to manage your diabetes, insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.